Christopher J. Regan

Christopher J. Regan

Managing Partner

Christopher Regan founded B&R in February of 2002 and currently serves as Managing Partner. Chris has many roles but is primarily responsible for the day-to-day operations, business development, and delivery management. On occasion, the B&R Team allows Chris outside where he provides strategic consulting services around SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure. He enjoys engaging with customers and building strong, long-term relationships. While technology was always an interest for Chris, he never envisioned it becoming his career. Chris has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, a minor in Chemistry, and conducted four semesters of research on Microsatellite variation in Papilio glaucus – in other words, he studied butterfly DNA. How he got to where he is today is a long and entertaining story, but Chris is proud of B&R’s success and continues to focus on driving customer success which in turn drives B&R’s tremendous growth.


Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Microsoft Certified IT Professional

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