Beezy North American Partner

Through our strategic partnership with Beezy, B&R can provide licensing, architecture, implementation, customization, and fully managed services to help increase user enablement for your collaboration platform.



Beezy Overview

Beezy utilizes an elegant and intuitive user interface to simplify the collaboration experience. By extending the core SharePoint platform Beezy promotes Employee Awareness, Enablement, and Engagement. Offering an expansive platform for knowledge management and gamification, Beezy enables a world class, enterprise collaboration solution. 


Employee Awareness

Awareness doesn't mean information overload! Beezy allows employees to broadcast relevant information in order to target the right audience at the right time.

Employee Empowerment

Beezy provides ways for anyone to contribute in an open, transparent, and reusable way. The social nature of Beezy makes employees not only empowered but also accountable.


Employee Engagement

Beezy features allows employees to have fun while they work. Yes- fun! There is nothing wrong with that! They will also receive recognition and feedback to improve and keep pushing.

Employee Sharing

Sharing is the starting point of collaboration. The ShareBox makes it extremely easy for employees to quickly write a blog post, ask a question, praise a colleague, assign a task, etc.



Proof of Concept Engagements

Interested in Beezy, but not ready to commit your entire organization? Not a problem! Contact us about our options for a Proof of Concept engagement. We have predefined, packaged offerings that can help ensure that Beezy is a great fit for your organization.



Planning and Implementation Services

While implementing the Beezy solution is fast and easy, many organizations can benefit from a planning engagement that helps align the solution with the organization to ensure that it can be utilized in the most effective manner. This can be especially helpful for organizations that have struggled with user adoption and engagement in the past. Our team can help generate a strategy and design around topics like information architecture, gamification, and community sites as well as help develop a communications plan for rolling out the new service and capabilities. 



Managed Services

B&R offers managed service options for supporting your organization on Office 365 and Beezy. Options include extended platform support as well as ongoing user enablement to ensure that you maximize return on your investment.