What’s New in Record Center Version 2

Yesterday, we announced the release of Record Center Version 2. This release is marked with a number of enhancements to help our customers more easily wrap their arms around their organization’s complex records management practices. We continue to work to simplify otherwise stressful and complicated tasks for users and record managers, making the overall records management life cycle much more manageable. This ethos has fueled the development of Record Center from the very beginning—putting a focus on something that most organizations can’t afford to ignore, and setting them up to be able to easily implement the records management structure their organization needs.

Enhanced In-Line Preview

In the previous release of Record Center, we introduced the concept of an in-line document preview, enabling users to easily input and review metadata while being able to view the document directly alongside. This feature has become a hallmark of Record Center, drastically reducing the time needed for users to initially submit records, and for approvers to validate that a document’s metadata is correct. In Version 2 of Record Center, we’ve expanded this capability by making it available throughout the record lifecycle, whether editing, submitting, approving or viewing a record. We’ve also added full support for Office Web Applications and Office Online Server, enabling a richer document preview experience for PDF and Microsoft Office file types.

New “Browse Records” Functionality

Since the very beginning of Record Center, we’ve acknowledged that users are always going to have varying levels of technical acumen. Our approach to making records easy to find has been based on the premise of empowering users—regardless of their experience level, and helping them to develop concepts over time that increase their proficiency. Recognizing that most users are familiar with file shares and directory structures, Record Center has always offered a “Browse Records” capability as the introductory method to finding records. In Version 2, we’ve overhauled that browsing experience, to increase commonality with the look, feel, and behavior of “Keyword Searching” and “Record Finder”. This update helps users to feel more at home regardless of their chosen search method, and standardizes the user experience across all three methods.

Performance Enhancements

Version 2 of Record Center includes a number of under-the-hood performance boosts to make your Record Center experience faster, and more stable than ever before. We’ve significantly increased the processing time of record submission, and increased the number of records that can be bulk submitted, approved, or rejected at once. These enhancements allow you to process more records in less time, and with less clicks than ever before.

Brand New Management Interface

Our design philosophy with Record Center has always been to present options in a clear and concise way, simplifying the overall task of managing and maintaining a large records management process. Version 2 of Record Center includes a refreshed configuration page, centralizing all of Record Center’s core configuration options in a single, tabbed interface. From here, a record manager can control all of the options that drive record approvals, user experience, user security, plus any Record Center add-ons.

Record Center is your turnkey solution for enterprise-class record management. An extension of Microsoft SharePoint, Record Center arms your users and record managers with a feature-packed, intuitive solution to manage the entire life-cycle of your records. Configure, approve and search for records faster and easier than ever with Record Center.