Why B&R Business Solutions?

We are frequently asked what differentiates B&R Business Solutions from other companies.  This question comes up during both sales-related discussions with companies that do not yet know us and during interviews as we try to recruit the best possible talent.  It is a good question, and one I always look forward to answering. 


The culture at B&R is unique thanks to the vision of Founder and Managing Partner Christopher Regan.  It starts with empowering employees to think independently and works to remove any extra impediments to their growth and success in each project.  We are a flat organization and everyone has the ability to hold each other accountable.


We strive to hire the very best people that can work either independently or as part of a team, and do not hire inexperienced resources that we must hide in the background behind the senior level team members.  Team members are always encouraged to partner with our customers and build strong relationships.

We are a relatively small firm, but we have seen slow and steady growth over the past eight years.  When people join the team, they tend to stay, allowing us to avoid the constant churn and employee turnover seen at most consulting companies.  This is illustrated brilliantly by our average tenure rate which is currently 6 years!  Not too bad for a company that just celebrated its 15th anniversary and has grown by 25% in the past few years. 

Our core history is rooted in Microsoft’s SharePoint product, and another amazing stat is that our staff has an average of 11 years’ experience working with SharePoint.  We have been able to improve our processes and show off the depth and breadth of our team while working on some of the most complex deployments and solutions around. 


B&R puts a high value on technical community participation and factors this in during the recruiting process.  That allows the team to not only give back to the community, but enables them to stay current on trends, best practices and common challenges organizations are facing.  Our team members are highly engaged within the overall SharePoint and technical communities, sharing and learning best practices and ideas.  More than half of our team has presented at local user groups, regional events, and international conferences.  While we support and encourage this, our people do it because they are passionate about what it is they do and they want to share and learn. 

Here are some thoughts from some of our great people:

“Working with our clients is extremely fulfilling. The diversity of industries and backgrounds they provide creates unique work relationships in every engagement. I thrive on learning about their organizations, understanding their needs and developing solutions to meet those needs.”
~Tom Daly, Senior Solution Developer
"At B&R you have the freedom to find the right solution to a problem.  Too often members of a team are afraid to think outside the box, but the culture at B&R encourages creative problem solving that allows us to find the best solution for the client."
~Ben Steinhauser, Solution Architect
“B&R has also always fostered and valued the contributions of each and every team member, no matter their seniority.”
~Josh Carlisle, Senior Architect
“We work with a team that is passionate about technology and give team members the flexibility to go and further their careers by learning about what they are most passionate about.”
~Jason Medero, Managing Partner

To find out more about how B&R can help your organization, please contact us.