ElasticOCR integrates with the systems you already use every day to OCR your documents with our globally available, fault tolerant cloud service. Guaranteed processing regions help your organization meet it’s compliance goals—and our document processing SLA allows you to rest assured that your documents are processed within an expected timeframe.


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Connect to the systems you already use every day.

ElasticOCR allows you to process your documents within the systems your organization already uses every day—including Office 365, SharePoint 2013/2016, Microsoft Flow, Azure Logic Apps, and Nintex Workflow. 


Robust, scalable service that adapts to your needs.

ElasticOCR is available in multiple regions around the world, with complete fault tolerance within each region to ensure the highest availability.


Document processing SLAs your organization can rely on.

ElasticOCR is the only cloud-based OCR solution that guarantees a document processing SLA. If it takes us longer to process your document than the SLA of your service tier, that document is free. Period.


Guaranteed processing regions to protect your data.

Those customers who must comply with data harboring, export control or GDPR laws can rest assured knowing that their data hasn't left their borders.


Full API for integration of ElasticOCR into any application.

ElasticOCR's modern, RESTful API allows you to integrate ElasticOCR into your own custom applications, line of business solutions and workflow platforms with ease.


Flexible pricing tiers ensure that you only pay for what you need.

ElasticOCR's flexible pricing tiers allow you to get started for as little as $50/mo. Pick the plan that aligns with your needs and you're up and running in minutes.



Learn more, or try ElasticOCR for FREE at ElasticOCR.com!