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B&R Speaking at & Sponsoring SharePoint Saturday New York City 2016

  • Microsoft 11 Times Square New York, NY, 10036 United States (map)


Mike Oryszak

Use JSLink to Deliver Rich UIs and Customizations

Learn to leverage JSLink to customize your out of the box list views and forms using javascript and this powerful approach. Unlike less sophisticated techniques used in the past, this approach gives developers the ability to inject changes at various points during the rendering process leading to rich features previously only available through server side code. This approach can be leveraged by SharePoint 2013, 2016, and Office 365 in a consistent way.

Thomas Daly

Enterprise JavaScript Development Patterns

Much of the JavaScript sample code you see is written like script. It's not structured or modular or layered. In other words, it doesn't follow the generally accepted best practices we use when writing server-side code. In this session we'll take one of these script-like samples and incrementally improve it; adding structure, modularity and layering. In the end you'll find that, while there are differences, client-side coding does not have to feel foreign to server-side developers.

Ben Steinhauser

Big data in SharePoint and the 5,000 Item List View Threshold

Run into that annoying SharePoint 5,000 Item Limit List View Threshold? Wondering why Microsoft says you can put 30,000,000 files in a library but also limits your list views to 5,000 items and locks your List/Library in the event it goes over? This session will discuss this issue, why it exists, how to plan around it so your organization can prevent it, and how to fix Libraries that are impacted by this threshold. Best practices, recommendations, and custom tools are included for demonstration.


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