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Webinar: How to Migrate to Azure with Confidence | Planning, Strategy & Execution

The number of organizations adopting a cloud-based model is increasing rapidly. Microsoft Azure gives your organization a flexible cloud migration path with consistency across your on-premises and cloud assets. Whether your business requires a hybrid state long term or only during the migration period, Azure can support your migration. During this interactive webinar session - learn from a panel of Azure experts how other organizations are approaching their migration strategy to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Strategies that take into account the need for on-demand scalability, reliability, high availability, security and reduced operations costs.



Mark Seger from Microsoft joins B&R employees Jason Medero, Chris Regan, Patrick Crabbe and Patti Cataldi for this panel discussion.


Christopher Regan

Managing Partner


Jason Medero

Cloud Solutions Architect


Patrick Crabbe

Solution Architect


Patti Cataldi

Business Development Manager