Extranet User Manager Partner

As an Extranet User Manager Partner, B&R has the expertise to plan, design, and implement extranets that offer a simple user experience, are easy to manage, and are highly secure.



Extranet User Manager Overview

Extranet User Manager is a unique offering that provides a simple, yet highly secure method for managing external users collaborating in your SharePoint-based extranet whether you are using an on-premises version of SharePoint Server, Office 365, or are in a hybrid environment. 


Simple User Experience

Full support for user self-service including optional account registration and password resets as well as a custom login page that can reflect your corporate identity.  The solution addresses the biggest user experience challenges to extranets - providing easy access to the system!


Easy to Manage Directories

Unlike corporate user directories managed by IT, your external users are unlikely to be identified or easily supported by your current help desk support staff.  This solution supports moving the directory maintenance and approvals directly to the business groups while still supporting organization and industry security standards.


Highly Secure

With support for industry standard SAML authentication, multi-factor authentication, and policies enforcing password length, complexity, and expiration options the Extranet User Manager provides a highly secure yet easy to manage solution.


Reduces Costs

The Extranet User Manager solution will reduce operational costs through the use of the self-service tool for end users, moving directory and account management to non-IT staff and through the automation of capturing audit log information needed to support compliance activities.



Visit the Extranet User Manager site for more information about this solution.



Proof of Concept Engagements

For organizations that need to validate the system before a purchase can be finalized, we can perform a proof of concept engagement to support your review of the solution. We will work with your team to determine the review criteria, establish an extended trial of the solution, and work to implement the core pieces needed to support your evaluation. If you decide to move forward with the purchase and full implementation, the work from the proof of concept can be leveraged for the production solution.



Planning and Implementation Services

B&R can offer a full set of services to help you plan and implement Extranet User Manager for your organization. We will work with your team to understand your unique security goals and requirements, user self-service needs, corporate identify requirements and then work to implement to implement the system in a way that meets those requirements. Possible work items include:

Directory planning for external users

Technical design and implementation

Corporate identity design and implementation

Self-service feature and user provisioning planning and implementation



Managed Services

B&R has made Extranet User Manager available as a partner solution add-on enabling organizations to bundle the solution into their chosen package and billed as part of their standard monthly service costs.