B&R Business Solutions, LLC Launches Record Center Version 2, Your Turnkey Solution for Enterprise-Class Record Management


Colts Neck, NJ, April 18, 2017 – B&R Business Solutions, an innovative provider of web-based Records Management software, today announces the next major release of their Record Center product. Record Center is your turnkey solution for enterprise-class record management. An extension of Microsoft SharePoint, Record Center arms your users and record managers with a feature-packed, intuitive solution to manage the entire life-cycle of your records. Configure, approve and search for records faster and easier than ever with Record Center.

“Record Center helps our customers wrap their arms around their organization’s complex record management practices” said Product Manager, Michael Greene. “Our goal has always been to find new ways to simplify the process for users and record managers, without compromising compliance or record integrity.”

What’s New in Record Center Version 2?

Enhanced In-Line Preview - The power and convenience of Record Center’s In-Line Document Preview is now available throughout the entire record life-cycle—including the initial upload process—streamlining the entry, review, and validation of metadata on all your records.

New “Browse Records” Functionality - The traditional browse records feature has been modernized to match the look, feel, and behavior of the search-based record retrieval mechanisms. This commonality helps to promote user progression through the three search modes—browse records, keyword searching, and advanced metadata searching with Record Finder.

Performance Enhancements – Version 2 of Record Center includes a number of under-the-hood performance boosts to make your Record Center experience faster and more stable than ever before. With processing times up to 50% faster, and the ability to bulk submit, approve or reject more records than ever before, you’ll spend less time waiting, and more time doing.

Brand New Management Interface - Record Center’s centralized configuration screen has been completely overhauled to provide easy access to configuration of record approvals, user experience options, record security, and auditing – intuitive access to everything a Record Manager needs to administer Record Center.

Completely Redesigned Bulk Upload Add-on - Record Center’s Bulk Upload/Import add-on has been completely redesigned from the ground up to be more flexible, and provide automation options for more seamless execution of long running or large jobs. A more robust validation process helps to ensure that metadata loaded during a bulk upload job is accurate, and meets the requirements configured within Record Center.

Remote Document Processing Features - Remote Document Processing can now be configured to automatically provide the third party provider with a full metadata export detailing the fields they are required to provide values for, along with the valid values of each field (where applicable)— greatly reducing the number of data validation errors when the records are later returned to Record Center using Bulk Upload. Additionally, Remote Document Processing’s new “Maintain Record Continuity” option allows the original document uploader and timestamp to be preserved, even when the record is then processed by a third party. When enabled, this feature provides a full compliance chain, indicating who originally submitted the document, when it was sent for remote processing, when it was returned via bulk upload, and when the bulk upload job physically imported it.

Record Finder - One of Record Center’s hallmark features, Record Finder, allows a user to perform a structured search based on a record’s unique metadata. Record Finder can now be configured with new rules for more flexible selection of a Record’s Document type. Additionally, multiple Record Finder web parts may now be added to a single page, allowing for specific Record Finder configurations tailored to a user’s specific job function.

About B&R Business Solutions

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