Product Overview

For many organizations, Active Directory profiles are a critical component of business processes, workflows, and corporate directories. User profile information is either manually maintained or populated from third party systems. When moving to Office 365, and in particular, SharePoint Online, many organizations are surprised to learn that only a subset of their AD-based user profile data will actually be mapped to and made available within SharePoint Online. This presents significant issues when trying to achieve key business objectives.




Robust business workflows require accurate profile information to achieve correct task delegation, escalation and assignment.

Employee Directory

Having accurate data in all applicable user profile fields is a critical component to returning correct and relevant people search results, in addition to powering your corporate employee directory.


One big struggle organizations face can be the lack of feature parity between an on-premises deployment and a cloud solution. B&R's SharePoint Online Profile Synchronization Utility will help to eliminate one such feature gap so you don't lose functionality by going to the cloud.



Office 365 & Exchange Online

Additionally, it’s a little known fact that if you have an Office 365 account but are not using Exchange Online, profile photos (such as those that are being used in Skype for Business) will not synchronize across into SharePoint Online. But don’t worry – this is where B&R’s SharePoint Online Profile Synchronization Utility will ease your pain – and give you your robust profiles with photos back! Using our utility.

Complete Control

You have completely control over what fields in your Active Directory you want to synchronize to SharePoint Online user profiles. Want to add a field, all you have to do is map your AD Field -> SPO Field.


Have more fields in your AD then are currently in SPO? No problem – feel free to create custom profile fields and then map them, and the Synchronization Utility will take care of the rest.


User Profile Pictures

Storing user profile photos in Active Directory and want to get them into your SPO profile image field? Not a problem – we handle that too!


Synchronizations run when you want them to – all using a simple scheduled task that can be customized to meet your needs.