Smart Governance supports hierarchical decision-making processes and board/committee/council meetings, allowing for greater agility in the decision-making process and the subtraction of all paper documentation related with it, eliminating the physical paper clutter and the logistics, time and resource c



Your board meetings and your tasks right from the start screen.

Workflows with tasks for all of your proposals' decision making processes.


Board meetings calendar with support for Outlook and RSS.

Digital board meeting agenda, easy to manage with deliberation, voting, etc.


Meeting minutes automatically generated for your convenience.



Planning and Implementation Services

While implementing the Beezy solution is fast and easy, many organizations can benefit from a planning engagement that helps align the solution with the organization to ensure that it can be utilized in the most effective manner. This can be especially helpful for organizations that have struggled with user adoption and engagement in the past. Our team can help generate a strategy and design around topics like information architecture, gamification, and community sites as well as help develop a communications plan for rolling out the new service and capabilities.